Beoremote Halo - Software release notes


This article shows the latest software release notes for:

Beoremote Halo

Note: We usually release software sequentially over a 14-day period


Software 1.5.930 - Release date 19th April 2022

- Adds support for Beolab 90 and Beolab 50. You can now control your speakers using Beoremote Halo.
- Source list is now split up into Audio and Video sources.
- Increased stability



Software 1.4.759 - Release date 8th December 2021

- Added touch-to-join and two-way join functionality for Beosound Balance/Level/Emerge and Beolab 28 (requires software version 1.7.40060 or higher)
- Added TV control screens
- Improved support for Beoplay V1, Beosystem 4, Beovision 11/14/Avant/Avant NG/Horizon

- Added possibility to start software download directly on Beoremote Halo

- Improved connection between remote and product


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