Software release notes

This article shows the latest software release notes for:

Beoplay M5

Beosound 1 1st Gen

Beosound 2 1st Gen

Note: We usually release software sequentially over a 14-day period



Software 1.27.47107 - Release date 13th October 2021

- Bang & Olufsen pp becomes slow and unresponsive
- Radio playback stops after 10 to 15 seconds
- Too much bass with Beosonic setting Optimal
- Music randomly stops and has to be manually resumed

Software 1.26.45904 - Release date 25th August 2021

- Linked speaker does not start a new track at the same time as the lead speaker
- Product sometimes not shown in AirPlay list
- AirPlay stops after 5 minutes
- No sound when joining
- Crossfade on beginning and end of all tracks
- Master update failed error message
- Starts playing again for 2-3 seconds after switching to standby
- Difficult to expand to other products from the Bang & Olufsen app and dropouts in sound
- BBC Radio 4 does not play
- Stopping playback on one multiroom product stops playback on other multiroom products also
- No sound from audio sources in integrated setup
- No sound from TuneIn at start-up


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