Software release notes

This article shows the latest software release notes for:

Beoplay A9 3rd Gen

Beoplay A9 4th Gen 

Beosound Core

Beosound Edge

Beosound Shape

Beosound 1 2nd Gen 

Beosound 2 2nd Gen

Note: We usually release software sequentially over a 14-day period



Software 2.0.47943 - Release date 3rd January 2022

- Google version updated to 1.52 
- Improvements to network stability 
- AirPlay 2 improvements

- Dropouts, playback stops, and other issues related to Beolink Multiroom
- Dropouts and latency in Google Cast multiroom
- Country setting is incorrect which causes a set alarm to start at the wrong time
- Deezer does not work in an integrated setup
- Notification sound when switching on 
- Start-up delay when playing Deezer

Software 1.12.47460 - Release date 25th October 2021

No or limited sound in right channel
Optical output no longer working


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