What do the light indicators on Beosound Moment mean?



Wireless button/indicator

 White (flashing)          

Starting up the network module. 

White (solid) 

Connected to network, network signal is strong. 

Green (flashing) 

Beosound Moment is in setup mode. 

Orange (flashing) 

Not connected to the network. 

Red (flashing) 

Critical firmware error. Disconnect your product from the mains and reconnect. If the problem persistscontact your Bang & Olufsen retailer. 

Wireless speaker button/indicator 

White (solid) 

Normal operation, wireless speaker connections working. 

Off (while product is on) 

Normal operation but no wireless speakers are connected. 

(flashing fast) 

Beosound Moment is scanning for available wireless speakers. 

(flashing slowly) 

Wireless speakers are found but not set up yet. 

Orange (solid) 

Wireless Power Link signal strength is low. 

Orange (flashing) 

Error in Wireless Power Link signal. 



On/Off buttonindicator

Green (solid) 

Beosound Moment is switched on. 

Green (single blink) 

Beosound Moment receives a remote control command. 

Green (flashing) 

Beosound Moment is starting up 

Red (solid) 

Connected to the mains. Indicator is red for 10 seconds, then switches off. 

Red (flashing) 

  1. Product switches to standby. Indicator is flashing red for 5 seconds, then switches off.
  1. Software update is in progress, please do not operate the product or switch it off.



Battery indicator on the interface (Jukebox) *  

Red (flashing) 

less than 10% 





 No indicator 

Not charging or full

* The battery indicator appears briefly when you dock or undock the interface (Jukebox). When there is less than 10 % battery charge left, the battery indicator continues to flash red until completely discharged.

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