Record music

Music Catch is only available on some markets.

For information about Music Catch, LG describes: 

It is a function you can use to record the music from the TV any time.
  1. During watch the Live broadcast, press the (OK) button.
  2. Press the Start Recording button left corner of the screen.
  3. Press the START MUSIC RECORDING button.
  • Select a device to be used for recording the music when USB HDD is connected to the TV.
  • If there is not enough remaining space in the USB HDD device, Music Catch may not work properly. To use Music Catch function, you need a USB HDD which has at least 100MB.
  • Stored files can be viewed in the Music app, and you can open them on your PC or portable devices.
  • Recorded files are stored in aac or mp3 format. (The storage format varies depending on the TV model.)
  • If you switch apps or input during recording, recording automatically ends and the recorded files will be saved.
  • Only available with analogue broadcasts.
  • With the Music Catch function, you can play music for up to two hours.
  • This feature is available in certain countries only.