What’s happening to the BeoSetup app?

The BeoSetup app is merging with the Bang & Olufsen app and in future the set-up and configuration of Wi-Fi-connected Bang & Olufsen devices will happen in the new app.  Soon, the BeoSetup app will no longer be available from the AppStore and Google Play.

With the new app, you can enjoy a cleaned-up, brighter and more intuitive Bang & Olufsen experience. You will be able to configure and control your Bang & Olufsen Wi-Fi connected products all from one app, with an improved set-up experience.

The BeoSetup app will carry on working if you already have it installed, but it will not support any new Bang & Olufsen products. We encourage you to move over to our next generation application, the Bang & Olufsen app.

The user interface for the configuration pages accessed on products will remain the same as it was in BeoSetup app.

You can download the Bang & Olufsen app in the AppStore for iOS phones and tablets and Google Play for Android mobiles. After creating a user account, from this app you can set-up your Bang & Olufsen and B&O Play Wi-Fi connected speakers from the Product screen access from the Settings menu.