What is the Bang & Olufsen app?

The Bang & Olufsen app is the digital home for your Wi-Fi enabled Bang & Olufsen speakers. It allows you to set-up, configure and play music on your speakers, including Multiroom playback. 

The Home tab showcases your Bang & Olufsen products with striking product imagery. Find out how to add products to your Bang & Olufsen account here.

In Settings, you can add Bang & Olufsen Wifi-Enabled devices to your account, set them up and configure them. Find out how to set-up and configure your speakers here.

The Multiroom tab makes it easier to quickly expand playback onto more devices.  You can find out how to how control Multiroom, here.

The Music tab allows you to quickly play music from the music streaming service Deezer and other music sources including DLNA servers. Find out how to add Deezer.

The Radio tab lets you play music from the radio streaming service TuneIn. Find out how to add TuneIn here.

In the Now Playing window, you can quickly play different music on different speakers, and control what music sources you are using. Other music streaming services, such as Spotify, can be controlled from here - once they are playing on the speaker from the service's own app.