Watch television

Watch analogue and digital terrestrial, cable and satellite channels depending on your tuner options. See programme information and open the TV guide. Make a recording if you have connected a correctly formatted USB HDD or SSD. To bring up a favourite source quickly, you can save the source on a MyButton on BeoRemote One. For more information, see the article 'PERSONALISE THE TV EXPERIENCE'.


Select a source

  1. Press TV, then  or  to bring up the desired source in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.*

*You can set a video source to be activated directly with the BeoRemote One TV button from standby. For more information, see the article 'SERVICE AND SOFTWARE UPDATE'.  


Select a channel

  1. Press  and  or use the number buttons to select a channel, or ...
  2. ... press  to select the previous channel.


Bring up and use source specific functions

  1. Press LIST, then or  to switch between source specific functions in the BeoRemote One display.
  2. Highlight a desired function and press the centre button. 


Record here and now

You can record the programme you are watching right now if you press the centre button and select the red icon in the left corner or press LIST then  or to find Record in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button. For more information about recording, see the article 'RECORDINGS AND REMINDERS'.


Use teletext

If available from your programme provider, you can bring up teletext for the selected channel.

  1. Press LIST, then or  to bring up Text in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.
  2. Press T20-P-plus.jpg or T20-P-minus.jpg to step up or down in pages.
  3. Use the number buttons to enter a page number.
  4. Use the arrow buttons to navigate.
  5. Press  to leave teletext.

For more information about teletext, see the article 'TELETEXT'.


Programme information

You can bring up information on the current programme. You can also change audio and subtitle language or bring up interactive information via HbbTV.**

An information display appears briefly on the screen every time you change channel or station. You can also bring up a display manually by pressing INFO to see programme information. 

**HbbTV may not be available on all markets.

For more information about programme information, LG describes:

Information about the programme you are currently watching, the current time, etc. are displayed.

  1. During watching the Live broadcast, press (OK) button. The programme Banner appears.

  2. Select the programme Banner. You can view detailed information about the programme you are currently watching.w15_programinfo_full.png

Using the Up / Down / Left / Right buttons on your remote control, you can view information about upcoming programmes or other programmes without changing the programme.

  • You can view broadcast information about other programmes using the Up / Down buttons.
  • You can view broadcast information about the programme you are currently watching using the Left / Right buttons.


Magic Link 

For information about the Magic Link function, LG describes:

It offers various videos and information related to the programme you are currently watching.


  1. Press the remote control’s (OK) button. The programme Banner appears.*
  2. Press the MAGIC LINK button in the Programme Banner.
  3. Various kinds of information related to the programme you are watching will appear at the bottom of the screen.
    Select the desired information.


  • This feature is available in certain countries only.
  • The search range may vary depending on the country.
  • While MAGIC LINK is in use, the content provided may not always match the programme that you are watching at the time. Change the programme before using MAGIC LINK.
  • Some adult-only programmes or locked programmes do not support this function.
  • The search results may vary depending on the information on the programme you are watching.

*On some markets, the Programme Banner is called a Channel Banner.

Note that the Magic Link feature via set-top box is supported in some countries and models only and that the feature is not available for all set-top boxes. Only set-top boxes connected via HDMI IN are supported.


TV guide

You can bring up a TV guide and view current and coming TV programmes of your channels.

In some regions and for some channels, TV guide information may not be available.

  1. Press GUIDE on your remote control to bring up the TV guide. Press again to leave the TV guide.

The TV guide shows the channels of the selected tuner. The first time you open the TV guide, the television may scan all TV channels for programme information. This may take several minutes.

The television can collect TV guide information for the channels that are installed on the television. The television cannot collect the TV guide information for channels viewed from an external digital receiver or decoder.

For more information about the TV guide, LG describes:

You can view programmes and the schedule of each programmes.

  1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
  2. You can start the TV Guide app.*

  1. You can view information about the programme you are currently watching as well as the focused programme information.
  2. Displays the information of the broadcasting company.
  3. Navigate to a desired programme and press the (OK) button. You can view more information on the programme and perform WATCH/RECORD or REMINDER/SCHEDULED RECORDING, etc.*
  4. Sets the filter.
  5. Launch Programme Manager.*
  6. Launch TV Scheduler.
  7. Launch Search.
  8. You can view programme information for the current date and time.

Applies to Digital broadcasting.

After completing the network and programme settings, you can check the history of previous broadcast information and watch VOD. (Supported only in the United Kingdom)

This feature is available in certain countries only.

The configurable items differ depending on model or country.

*On some markets TV Guide is called Guide, Programme Manager is called Channel Manager and the features RECORD and SCHEDULED RECORDING are not available. 

For some markets, you will have a different set of options:

  1. Select Dates button.
  2. Search Program : Search for programs by entering a keyword.
    Select the Search, select Search displayed at the top of the screen and enter a search keyword to find the program you want.
  3. Blue Now : View the current program guide.
  4. Red -24H : Switch to the program guide for the day before.
  5. Green +24H : Switch to the program guide for the next day.
  6. Yellow TV Scheduler : View the schedule list.
  7. Signal/Select Media : Select the media shown in the program guide display (TV, Radio, Data) and change the broadcast type (terrestrial digital, BS, CS1, CS2).
    TV : TV
    Radio : Radio
    Data : There are data-only independent data broadcasts and interactive data broadcasts served along with digital TV or radio broadcasts.
  8. Ch. View Mode : The channels displayed in the program guide can be toggled between the representative (primary) channel of each broadcast station or all channels.
    Select Ch. Mode Num. : The number of channels displayed in the program guide can be set as 5, 7 or 9 channels.
    Move mode : Configure the display navigation when the cursor is at the top, bottom, left or right edge of the program guide.
    Cell-by-cell basis : Navigate by cell (move vertically for one hour change; move horizontally for one station change).
    Page-by-page basis : Navigate by page, scrolling by a page at a time.
  9. Genre : Searched programs are highlighted in different colors according to their genres. Programs outside the search results are highlighted in dark gray.
  10. Navigate to a desired program and press the (OK) button. 
    You can watch or record a program. You can also schedule to watch or record.

Program Guide Display...

The program guide shows the information received from the digital broadcast. The program guide may not be displayed when the digital broadcast information is not received, e.g. right after the product is purchased or right after the power is turned on.

  1. To view the program guide for all channels, turn the TV off and wait about an hour (with the power still connected). (Your TV automatically scans through all channels and fetches their program guide even while in the standby mode.)
  2. While watching a terrestrial digital broadcast, the program guide is obtained only for the current channel. To obtain 8 days’ worth of program guide, you will need to continue watching the channel for about 10 minutes.

Some of the program guide may be missing if the TV standby time or the TV viewing time is too short; this is not a product malfunction.

Programs are subject to change by the broadcaster. In this case, the actual program broadcast may differ from the program guide.

Depending on the reception condition, it may not be possible to obtain the program guide.


Subtitles and audio options

If available, you can enable subtitles and select audio language and multi audio. Press INFO to bring up programme information.*

For more information about advanced broadcast settings, LG describes:

If the broadcast you are watching contains Subtitle, Audio Language, or Multi Audio information, you can use such features.

  1. Press the (OK) button on your remote control.
  2. Select your desired feature in the top of the screen and set the feature to your desired value.


  • Sub.png : You can set Subtitle.
  • AudioLanguage.png : You can set Audio Language.

    Only available with digital broadcasts. 
  • MultiAudio.png : You can set Multi Audio.

    Only available with analogue broadcasts.

Available features may vary depending on the broadcast signal.

*On some markets, subtitles are called Closed Caption. Note that not all features are available on all markets. 

For more information about subtitles and visually and hearing impaired, see the article 'ACCESSIBILITY SETTINGS'.



You can access various channel services provided by the broadcaster, including Ultra HD channels. This feature is available on some markets only.

  1. Connect the UHDTV broadcast cable to the TV's UHDTV socket.
  2. Press  to bring up the Home menu.
  3. Use the arrow buttons  or  and the centre button to select Settings, followed by Picture & Programmes..., ChannelsChannel Tuning and then Auto Tuning.
  4. Check UHDTV Channel Tuning.
  5. Press Start to scan for channels.

Some features of the TV may not work while watching UHDTV broadcasts.


Data broadcast/Hybridcast

These features are available on some markets only. To use Hybridcast, the TV must be connected to the internet.

  1. Press LIST then  or to find d Data in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.
  2. Operate your data broadcast/Hybridcast following the on-screen instructions.

For information about data broadcast, LG describes:

If there is a data broadcast linked to the broadcast you are watching, you can view a variety of information such as program guides, weather and traffic news. What can be manipulated on the data broadcasting screen varies depending on the broadcaster.
  • This product does not support a print feature or a telephone-based two-way communication service. Some broadcasts cannot be used as data broadcasts.
  • It may take some time until the data broadcast screen appears depending on the content of the broadcast or picture.
  • This product stores the personal information of customers entered for the receipt of data from broadcasters. We strongly recommend that you delete data stored in this product's memory when you hand over or discard the product.*

For information about Hybridcast, LG describes:

Hybridcast is a new type of broadcast service that combines broadcasting and communication.
This product can be used for certain programs provided by Hybridcast supported broadcasters.
What can be manipulated in Hybridcast varies depending on the broadcaster.
You enjoy a variety of information such as program guides, weather and news in higher broadcast quality than existing data broadcasting. In addition, you can use VOD services as well as connect to your smart device. (Please note that you can only use Hybridcast programs that support these services.)
To use device connection services with your smart device, you need to download the free LG Hybridcast app from the Android Market or Apple's App Store.

Watching Hybridcast...

  • To use Hybridcast you must accept the Terms and Conditions during your TV's initial setup, which you perform after you reset your TV or when you turn it on for the first time after purchasing it. 
  • Even if you have not accepted the Terms and Conditions, you can still use Hybridcast by setting ( and select Settings, then Picture & Programmes....Channels) Hybridcast to On.
  • It may take some time until the Hybridcast screen appears depending on the content of the broadcast or picture. Please note that this does not indicate a product failure.
  • The operability and functionality of Hybridcast may be limited depending on the quality of your Internet connection.
  • You cannot use Hybridcast during playback of a recorded broadcast or during the use of Live Playback.
  • This product stores the personal information of customers entered for the receipt of data from broadcasters. We strongly recommend that you delete data stored in this product's memory when you hand over or discard the product. To delete data, perform initial setup.*


*To delete data, perform initial setup in the General menu found when you press  and select Settings, then Picture & Programmes...