Before First Time Setup

Before first-time setup of BeoSound Moment, we recommend that you prepare the following:

1. Loudspeakers or Network Link TV

Prepare your speakers by placing them and switching them on before starting first-time setup on BeoSound Moment.

2. Wireless router (network name and password)

Your BeoSound Moment needs to be connected to a wireless router with an Internet connection. Use a wired Ethernet connection for increased reliability. 

    • To use a wired Ethernet, connect the hub to your router using a LAN cable before starting. 
    • To use wireless, simply start the First-time setup sequence.

3. TuneIn account (

You need a TuneIn account to be able to listen to radio stations.

4. Deezer Premium+ subscription (

You need a Deezer account if you want to use the MoodWheel, or want to search and add new music to your collection from the BeoSound Moment interface.  

5. DLNA compatible media server *OPTIONAL

To include your own personal music collection, you need an always-on DLNA compatible media server.