Programme list and favourites

Bring up a list of programmes while watching television and store your favourite programmes.

Press T20-Nav-Right.jpg during watching the Live broadcast, then press centre button to directly bring up the list of programmes.

On some markets, programmes are referred to as channels.

For more information about the Live Menu and adding programmes to My Channels, LG describes:

Live Menu

You can use the relevant features with ease when watching TV broadcasts.

  1. Run Live TV by pressing HOME.
  2. You can press the Right button on your Remote Control to see the Live Menu.


  1. Programmes : View a list of broadcast content that is currently being broadcast.
  2. Recommended : Get programme recommendations based on your viewing history.
  • The programmes displayed in Programme List are a configuration of programmes provided by the broadcast service provider. Therefore, if the broadcast service provider has changed its programme configuration without notice, the programmes displayed in Programme List may differ from the actual TV programmes.
  • Because programme information displayed in programme List includes information provided by external Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) providers, it may differ from the actual TV programmes.
  • To receive proper recommendation services, you need to set up your network, region and auto tuning.
  • The configurable items differ depending on country.


My Channels

If you add programmes to My Channels, you can check and watch the programmes being broadcast in the added programmes of any app.

Adding a Programme...

  1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
  2. Select My Channels at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Selecting Add Channel displays a list of programmes. Select the programme you want to add from the programme list.
  • You can continue to add other programmes to My Channels in the same way.


  • If you select a programme already added in My Channels, you can access the programme in other apps as well.
  • You can move/delete added programmes in the same way as when you manage apps.*

*For more information about how to manage apps, see the article 'BASIC OPERATION'.