Operate connected products

The built-in Peripheral Unit Controller (PUC) acts as an interpreter between connected video products, such as a set-top box, video recorder or Blu-ray player, and your Bang & Olufsen remote control.

Download a Peripheral Unit Controller (PUC) table and use the Bang & Olufsen remote control to gain access to the functions offered by your non-Bang & Olufsen product. For information on how to download a PUC table, see the article 'SERVICE AND SOFTWARE UPDATE'.

For instructions in the various functions offered by your product, see the product’s own guide.

Some features and functions of the television may not be available when non-Bang & Olufsen products are connected. Not all connected video products are supported by Bang & Olufsen. For more information about supported products, contact your Bang & Olufsen retailer.


Operate other products with BeoRemote One

Some functions are available directly via BeoRemote One when you switch on the products. Additional functions are available via the LIST button in the remote control display.

  1. Press TV to bring up sources in the BeoRemote One display, then  or  to highlight the source name configured for a connected product, for example, HDMI IN A.
  2. Press the centre button to switch it on.
  3. Press LIST to bring up a list of source related functions.
  4. Press or , then the centre button to activate the function you want.

To bring up a favourite source quickly, you can save the source on one of the MyButtons on BeoRemote One. For more information, see the article 'PERSONALISE THE TV EXPERIENCE'.