Software Updates

BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2 receive automatically software updates, as long as they are connected to the Internet, and the feature has not been disabled by the customer (automatic software update can be enabled/disabled using the BeoSetup App).

Below you can find a list of the latest software versions, and their main new features / improvements.

1.14. 11334 – Released 08.06.2017

  • Other smaller fixes and improvements
  • (Beoplay M5 only) Implemented support for ToneTouch, via the B&O Play App

1.13.10109 – Released 30.04.2017

  • Other smaller fixes and improvements

1.12. 9531 - Released: 30.03.2017

This update includes the following new features & improvements:

  • Added Sound Settings (bass, treble, loudness and position) which can be accessed via the App product settings
  • Improvements on the setup experience via the App
  • Fixed issue with some wireless networks that their names contained special characters
  • Fixed issue where music would stop playing if two Bluetooth devices were connected at the same time
  • Fixed issue where software update might fail sometimes
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements

1.11. 8075– Released 28.02.2017

  • Implemented new improved First Time Setup experience, via the new Bang & Olufsen App
  • Fixed issue of WiFi network not always reconnecting (red LED blinking), after a router reboot
  • Fixed issue where source list order was reset, after product reboot
  • Fixed issue where Google Cast might not always start playing music
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements

1.10.6892 - Released 31.01.2017

  • Apple AirPlay can now be distributed over BeoLink Multiroom. It requires an activation via the product settings. See more details here.
  • Bugfixes for some observed audio glitches, when changing tracks
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements

1.9.119 – Released 20.12.2016

  • Added support for the Google Home Voice Assistant. You can find more information here.
  • Added support for Spotify music service on Google Cast
  • Reduced overall power consumption of the products
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements

1.8.112 – Released 17.11.2016

  • Introduced the alarm/timer function, that can be enabled via the BeoMusic/BeoSetup App. For more information see here.
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements – Released 28.09.2016

  • Added Google Cast support, including Google Cast Multiroom: You can now combine together multiple products in “groups” and let them play synchronized music throughout the house, even across different product brands. Grouping of products is configured via the “Google Cast” App. More information on Google Cast at:
  • Sound tuning improvements for the BeoSound 1
  • Improved battery performance for BeoSound 1, by limiting the maximum volume level when playing on battery
  • Fixed issue where change of sources (double tap) would provide a very loud notification feedback tone
  • Improved user interface for default and maximum volume settings in the product settings
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements