Assemble your Beosound Edge floor stand


Screw bracket onto speaker

You'll find a key and four screws in the packaging. Place your speaker on something soft (like a rug) and screw the bracket onto the bottom of the speaker. 

Attach power cable

Plug the power cable into the socket at the base of the speaker. Then, pull the rubber connector over to fill the gap. 

Add the rubber cover 

Place the black rubber cover over the electronics well, to conceal wires and cables. 

Attach fabric covers

Line one cover up with the speaker then press around the edges until you feel the knobs pop into place. Repeat on the other side. 

Power on your Beosound Edge

Plug the power cable into a socket. 
Wait for the round light to switch from white to orange.
This can take up to two minutes. Thank you for waiting.


Setup your Beosound Edge