What does the light indicator on my Beoplay Portal mean?


Beoplay Portal have two light indicators; one to show the status of headphones and one for showing the status of the battery:

Product indicator (next to on/off and Bluetooth button) 

White (Solid)  

Switched on  


Switching off (manually or automatically after no signal for 15 minutes) 

Blue (Solid 5 seconds)  

Bluetooth connected / disconnected

Blue (Flashing) 

Bluetooth pairing mode (ready to pair with a device) 

Red (Solid 5 seconds)  

Bluetooth pairing failed

Red (Solid)

Microphone muted
Double tap either left or right disc to Mute/Unmute

Red (Flashing 5 seconds)  

Factory reset

Green (Flashing)  

Software update ongoing 


Battery indicator  

Orange (Flashing)  

Battery charging 

Green (Solid) 

Charging complete 

Red (Flashing) 

Charging error  

Red (Solid)  

Battery low (2 - 10% charge) 

Red (Flashing)  

Battery critically low (below 1% charge) 

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