What does the light indicator on my Beoplay Portal mean?


Beoplay Portal have two light indicators; one to show the status of headphones and one for showing the status of the battery:

Product indicator (next to on/off and Bluetooth button) 

White (Solid)  

Switched on  


Switching off (manually or automatically after no signal for 15 minutes) 

Blue (Solid)  

Bluetooth connected / disconnected (5 seconds) 

Blue (Flashing) 

Bluetooth pairing mode (ready to pair with a device) 

Red (Solid)  

Bluetooth pairing failed (5 seconds) 

Red (Flashing)  

Factory reset (5 seconds) 

Green (Flashing)  

Software update ongoing 


Battery indicator  

Orange (Flashing)  

Battery charging 

Green (Solid) 

Charging complete 

Red (Flashing) 

Charging error  

Red (Solid)  

Battery low (2 - 10% charge) 

Red (Flashing)  

Battery critically low (below 1% charge) 

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