Xbox & Bluetooth: Listening to music, a podcast or watching a movie


If you are listening to music, and Beoplay Portal are connected to Bluetooth and Xbox at the same time, you can switch to Gaming Mode by pressing the left button once. This can also be done in the Bang & Olufsen app.


When you are listening to music:

  • The Beoplay Portal product page in the Bang & Olufsen app will be in standard mode (white)
  • Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation will be available
  • Touch interface can be used for Play/Pause control


Transparency / Active Noice Cancellation


Switch between Xbox and Bluetooth:

Even if you are no longer using Bluetooth as a source, Beoplay Portal are still connected to the Bang & Olufsen app via Bluetooth LE (remember to have Bluetooth turned on!)



Use touch controls on the left and right earcups (L/R) to operate your Beoplay Portal.




Double tap left/right disc


Double tap left/right disc

Volume up

Swipe up right slider

Volume down

Swipe down right slider

Active Noise Cancellation

Swipe down left slider


Swipe up left slider

Switch to Xbox

Press left button

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