Xbox & Bluetooth: Gaming


As soon as you connect or switch to Xbox, this connection will overrule the Bluetooth controls.

Mute / Unmute

When using Xbox, mode mute/unmute on the touch interface overrules Play/Pause.

Game / Chat balance (Own voice)

Whenever the microphone is active, Game / Chat balance (Own voice) overrules Transparency.

Volume control

Switch between Xbox and Bluetooth

Even if you are no longer using Bluetooth as a source, Beoplay Portal are still connected to the Bang & Olufsen app via Bluetooth LE (remember to have Bluetooth turned on!)



Use touch controls on the left and right earcups (L/R) to operate your Beoplay Portal.



Mute microphone

Double tap left/right disc

Volume up

Swipe up right touch bar

Volume down

Swipe down right touch bar

Game/Chat balance – more chat

Swipe up left touch bar

Game/Chat balance – more game

Swipe down left touch bar

Switch to Bluetooth

Press left button

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