Setup Overview & Wi-Fi insights

How to optimise your home setup

The Setup Overview feature in the Bang & Olufsen app makes you get the most of your Bang & Olufsen experience at home.

Setup Overview is an intuitive tool that helps you optimise your wireless home setup from the Bang & Olufsen app. You can also use it to troubleshoot connectivity issues in your Wi-Fi connected products.

With Setup Overview you can:
– Always see what’s going on in your home setup with real-time insights on your Wi-Fi connected products.
– See all actively playing products and how they’re connected.
– Get detailed information on your Wi-Fi connected products.
– Optimise your home setup.
– Troubleshoot on the spot with customised tips. 

Automated scans and real-time insights keep your system up-to-date

Whether you have one or more Bang & Olufsen products, connectivity is key. If you’re experiencing issues with your Wi-Fi connection or connected products at home, our frequently asked questions may help you troubleshoot.

Get started

Start your home setup health check in the Settings menu in the Bang & Olufsen app to see your connected products. Download the Bang & Olufsen app here.

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Intuitive and insightful. The new Setup Overview in the Bang & Olufsen app adds a new dimension to your home connectivity.

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