Using the BeoSound Core to distribute any Line source

Try to use the headphones jack output on the front of the BeoSound 3000, and connect it to the Line-in/Optical port of the BeoSound Core : 

The headphones jack will be connected to the line in port of the BeoSound Core using a jack 3.5mm cable : 


- Because Line-in is a distributable source, it will then be possible to share the sound of the BeoSound 3000 to any speaker connected to the network (also wirelessly). Connected that way, whenever the BeoSound 3000 will start to play, Line-In will take over and the Core will be able to distribute the sound to other B&O (beolink) speakers. 

That is optional but better : You can add your BeoSound Core in the App and check that the BeoSound Core uses the Line-in source, that's what you should see in the App : 

So now you just need to make sure the M5 is on the same network, and you should press the top part of the speaker to **Touch and join** the playback of the BeoSound 3000. You can also do it from the app in the multiroom tab. it should look like this : 

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