Beoplay H9i Bluetooth connection


Beoplay H9i remember up to 8 paired connections. When switched on they will attempt to reconnect to previously paired devices automatically.

    1. ON.png 1

      Switch on Beoplay H9i

      • Move the switch to the ON position to switch on Beoplay H9i
      • The product indicator light will turn white which indicates that the Beoplay H9i are switched on.

      Note: It's important to wait for the indicator light to turn off before putting on the Beoplay H9i, as this ensures a proper calibration of the proximity sensor

    2. BT_PAIRING.png 2

      Initiate Bluetooth pairing

      • Move the switch to the top position and hold it for 2 seconds
      • A blue indicator light will start flashing which indicates that pairing mode is now active, and Beoplay H9i are ready to be connected to your device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.)
    3. PHONE_CONNECT.png 3

      Connect to your favourite device

      • Turn on Bluetooth on your device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) to scan for new devices
      • Beoplay H9i will appear as an available connection
      • Tap Beoplay H9i to connect
      • Your Beoplay H9i are now ready to be used

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