How do I exchange the Beoplay H9i battery?


Spare batteries can be purchased from our official website.

To exchange the battery of your Beoplay H9i, follow the steps listed below:


    1. bat1.png 1

      Open the battery compartment

      • Turn the left earphone metal cover counter-clockwise to open the battery compartment.

    2. ba2.png 2

      Remove the metal cover

      • If needed, press down on the cover edge near the microphone to release it.

    3. bat3.png 3

      Remove the battery

      • Press the button at the bottom of the compartment.

    4. bat4.png 4

      Replace the battery and close the metal cover

      • Insert the replacement battery with the marker pointing upward.
      • Close the metal cover, making sure to  align the mark inside the headphones with the mark on the cap
      • Turn the metal cover clockwise to lock it.

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