Does Beosound Stage support Dolby Atmos®?


Your Beosound Stage features Dolby Atmos® which delivers the concept of object-based audio and gives the impression of surround and overhead loudspeakers for a more immersive sound experience. So, instead of merely playing back two or more channels directly to the loudspeakers in your configuration, portions of the total sound field are custom "rendered," ensuring that you get the best possible experience to match the theatrical mix with your loudspeaker system.

Having the ability to re-create overhead sounds is a key element in making Atmos sound so realistic. The surround virtualiser processes the surround and height channels of the incoming multichannel signal to create an enveloping virtual surround effect, compensating for the form factor of the Beosound Stage. In cases where those channels do not exist - 2-channel stereo for example – these extra channels are synthesised by the mixing portion of the processing. This is done using audio processing that simulates how sound arrives at your eardrums from a full surround system.

For optimal effect, the Beosound Stage should be mounted at or slightly above a seated listener’s ear level, and the listener should be positioned as centred as possible. The further to the side a listener is seated, the less effectively the surround virtualiser will work. For best results, you should avoid mounting the Beosound Stage in a cabinet or underneath a shelf, as the resulting resonances and reflections will interfere with the sound at the listening positions.

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