How to connect LG OLED TV with Beoremote One BT

If you have an LG C9 OLED TV (or a newer compatible version), you can use Beoremote One to fully control both the TV and Beosound Stage. This allows you to have the full Bang & Olufsen experience including MyButtons, direct access to the sound modes, TV and audio sources.

For the installation you will need: 

• A LAN connection cable from Beosound Stage to the LG TV screen for communication and control.
• An HDMI cable from Beosound Stage to the HDMI eARC input in the TV screen. HDMI cable is included in the accessory box of Beosound Stage.
• Your mobile device, to access the Bang & Olufsen App.

Installation Steps:

  1. Go through the first-time setup up of the LG screen. Ensure that the TV is connected to your network.

  2. Go to the TV’s Connection menu, then find HDMI Device Settings and disable "Auto Device Detection" to allow Beoremote One to control your HDMI connected device to Beosound Stage.

  3. Now you are ready to set up your Beosound Stage. On your mobile device, open the Bang & Olufsen App and add Beosound Stage as a new product, go through the first-time setup. This will guide you through the physical installation, HDMI cable and the network connection.

  4. Connect LAN cable between Beosound Stage (marked as Ethernet TV input) and the TV (marked with LAN).

  5. Go to the TV LG content store, install and launch the Bang & Olufsen App on your TV.  Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to restart the TV, turn it on with the LG remote.

  6. Set the Beosound Stage and Beoremote One in pairing mode so they can connect to each other.

    Beosound Stage: 
    Long press (1.5 sec.) on the Bluetooth button to open for pairing.
    Beoremote One: 
    Press ‘List’ - ‘Settings’ - ‘Pairing’ - ‘Pair’.

    If your Beoremote One is new, you will have to select the language first and then it will be automatically in pairing mode.

  7. Done! You are now ready to control your Beosound Stage and LG C9 or newer OLED TV with Beoremote One.

Please note: If in the future you want to connect your Beosound Stage to another TV, you will need to factory reset your Beosound Stage. 

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