How do I reset my Beoplay M5?


If you want to remove all paired Bluetooth devices or are experiencing issues, you can reset Beoplay M5 to factory settings as described below: 

    1. M5_Power.jpg 1

      Switch on Beoplay M5

      • Connect the included power cable to the mains supply.
      • Once powered on, the connectivity indicator and product indicator will flash white for 1 minute.
      • After 1 minute, the connectivity indicator will turn orange, and a sound prompt will be heard. This indicates that Beoplay M5 is ready to be reset.

    2. M5_Config.jpg2


      Reset Beoplay M5

       Press and hold the configuration button (D) for more than 5 seconds to trigger a factory reset. Close and open the Bang & Olufsen app to set up Beoplay M5 again.

Learn how to set up Beoplay M5 here

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