How do I update my Beoplay M5 with the latest software?

M5.jpgTo enjoy the latest features, we recommend that you always install the latest software version. You can update the software via the Bang & Olufsen app: 

You can download the Bang & Olufsen app here


  1. Connect Beoplay M5 to the mains supply and switch it on. 
  2. Wait until the indicator light switches from white to orange (this can take up to two minutes).
  3. Open the Bang & Olufsen app. You will be asked to create a user account. If you already have an account, this can be found under "Settings". Learn how to set up Beoplay M5 using the Bang & Olufsen app here.
  4. Once the indicator has turned orange, select "Add product" and select Beoplay M5.
  5. Once added, select “Product Settings," then "Software" and finally "Update Software.”

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