Setting up Beoplay M5 using Wireless Accessory Configuration


If you want to set up your Beoplay M5 or change the wireless network connection, you can do so by using your web browser. To do this, you may find the below steps useful: 

    1. M5_Config.jpg1

      Press the configuration button 

      • Press the configuration button (D).
      • Wait for the LED indicator to flash orange and let go.

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      Select your preferred network

      • On your iOS device, select the wireless network you wish to connect Beoplay M5 to.
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      Setup as a new AirPlay speaker 

      • Go to "Settings" -> "Wi-Fi" on your iOS device and select Beoplay M5 from "Set up new AirPlay speaker" at the bottom of the list of available networks.
      • Tap "Next"
      • And tap "Done" When the "Set up complete" message appears. 
    4. mceclip2.png5

      Your Beoplay M5 is connected 

      • The LED indicator will turn solid white (or orange if the wireless signal is weak) indicating your device can now be operated using the Bang & Olufsen app. The Bang & Olufsen app is available for download here


If you experience difficulties setting up Beoplay M5, then use a cabled connection as an alternative. Learn how to connect Beoplay M5 to a cabled connection here.


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