What do the light indicator colours on my Beosound 1 mean?


Beosound 1 has two light indicators which are used for multiple functions.

The Status indicator is positioned on top of the Beosound 1 in the middle of the touch plate: 


White (shortly)

Switched on

White flashing slowly

Charging battery

Red solid

Battery capacity between 0 – 10 %

Red flashing fast

Battery capacity below 2%

Hardware error

Note that when battery capacity drops below 10%, the volume is lowered. When below 2%, Beosound 1 switches off.

You can see the battery capacity and the state of the battery in the Bang & Olufsen app. Select the Beosound 1, go to "Product settings", "Configure", "About" and then "Status".

You can download the Bang & Olufsen app here



The Lens indicator is positioned in the middle of Beosound 1 directly under the touch plate.


White flashing slowly

Starting up

White solid

Connected to network, ready for use

Blue flashing fast

Bluetooth pairing ongoing

Blue shortly

Bluetooth connection successful

Red shortly

Bluetooth connection unsuccessful

Blue solid

When not configured to network and not in configuration mode

Amber flashing fast

Ready for network setup

Amber flashing slowly

Connecting to network

Amber solid

Wireless connection of medium quality

Red solid

Wireless connection of poor quality

Red flashing fast

Failed to connect to a wireless network

Status and lens indicators simultaneously

Red, flashing once

Factory reset

Red flashing slowly

Updating software


If the 4 Status LEDs on your Beosound 1 GVA version are red, this means that GVA/microphone is disabled.


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