Beoplay H8i music controls

The intuitive controls for your Beoplay H8i let you activate all of your favourite features. These include play/pause, changing tracks, taking calls, and more. 

Here are the most important features you need to know about.

Note: You can also use your mobile device or the Bang & Olufsen app

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    Volume and playback control

    • Press once the centre button to pause music
    • Press once the centre button to play music.
    • Press twice the centre button to go to the next track.
    • Press three times the centre button to go to the previous track.
    • Press and hold the centre button for 3 seconds to activate voice recognition.
    • Press Vol+ to increase the volume.
    • Press Vol- to reduce the volume.

    Note: When switched on they will attempt to reconnect to previously paired devices automatically.

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    Proximity controls

    • Remove the headphones and wait for 2 seconds to pause.
    • Put on the headphone and wait for 2 seconds to play.
    • To disable the automatic play/pause functions:
      1. Press and hold the middle button on the right headphone for 5 seconds until the indicator light flashes blue and the double press the middle button.
      2. The indicator light will turn red.
      3. To re-enable, repeat the same steps until the indicator light turns green.

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