How do I operate BeoPlay A9 1st Gen with my Beo4 remote control?

You can use the Beoplay A9 1st Gen with the Beo4 remote for a seamless interaction with your speaker following the recommendations below:

Beo4 Remote button Source or Function
A.MEM AirPlay
CD iOS USB connected source 
A.AUX* Line-in connected source
NET* DLNA source
N.MUSIC Spotify
Centre button** Pause/play 
PLAY/GO Resume playback
STOP Stop playback
Image Adjust volume up
Image Adjust volume down
Image Switch Beoplay A9 1st Gen to standby

Some apps may react differently to the described commands. Also, the commands do not apply to a Line-in connected source.

* To use A.AUX and NET, press LIST repeatedly on Beo4 to bring up the 'buttons' in the Beo4 display, then press the centre button to activate the source. NET is only available in the most recent Beo4 remote controls and may therefore not be available in your Beo4.

** The pause function is not available on a Beo4 without navigation button.

Note! Operation with the Beo4 remote control can only take place when the name of the source shows in the display: N.MUSIC, A.MEMCD, A.AUX or NET.

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