What do the light indicator colours on Beoplay A9 1st Gen mean?

The light indicators of your Beoplay A9 1st Gen can be understood as follows:

Network indicator Flashing Solid
White Network module starting up Connected to network, signal strength high
Orange Not connected to the network (flashing continuously)
Searching for network/trying to connect to the network (flashing briefly)
Connected to network, signal strength low
Green Wireless setup mode n/a*
Red Error (flashing slowly) n/a*


Standby indicator Flashing Solid
White n/a* n/a*
Orange n/a* Product is overheating, needs time to cool down
Green n/a* Muted/silent
Red Product failure (flashing slowly)
Software update ongoing (flashing fast)
Factory reset

*n/a = not applicable

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