Can I connect my Beolab 18 or subwoofers to non-Bang & Olufsen products?

Yes, you can connect your Beolab 18 or subwoofers to non-Bang & Olufsen products.

The speakers/subwoofers must be connected to the line output (volume controlled line out) of the amplifier. Different kinds of cables are required depending on the type of sockets on your speaker/subwoofer, see the table below. The cables are available from your Bang & Olufsen retailer. You can find your nearest retailer here. If there is no line in on the speakers/subwoofers and a PowerLink is required, then use a Line/PowerLink adaptor cable.

Beolab 11  Power Link
Beolab 5  Phono/RCA/Cinch
Beolab 9  Power Link
Beolab 8002  Phono/RCA/Cinch
Beolab 6002  Phono/RCA/Cinch
Beolab 3  Power Link
Beolab 4000  Power Link
Beolab 4  Mini-jack
Beolab 2  Line adaptor
Beolab 12  Power Link
Beolab 10  Power Link
Beolab 14  Power Link
Beolab 15  Power Link
Beolab 16  Power Link
Beolab 17  RCA (R-input-L) / TOSLINK
Beolab 18  RCA (R-input-L) / TOSLINK
Beolab 19  RCA (R-input-L)
Beolab 20  RCA (R-input-L) / TOSLINK
Beolab 50  RCA (R-input-L)  (2 x RCA)
 Optical TOSLINK
 S/P-DIF (1 x RCA)
Beolab 90  RCA (R-input-L)  (2 x RCA)
 Optical TOSLINK
 S/P-DIF (1 x RCA)

You can also connect Bang & Olufsen passive speakers to non-Bang & Olufsen products. This type of speaker needs to be connected to any standard power amplifier output.

Loudspeaker  Sockets
BeoVox 1  speaker terminal
BeoVox 2  speaker terminal



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