Access your favourite content with my BeoRemote One using MyButtons

You can personalise your BeoRemote One, using the MyButtons and the TV and MUSIC buttons.* You can save a snapshot of a current viewing and listening experience to be able to restore it quickly with just one touch of a button. For more information, see the guide for your television.

You can save up to six snapshots which can be activated by the MyButtons, the TV button and the MUSIC button. Your television must be switched on and a source must be selected. A snapshot includes the settings made for the selected source, for example, stand positions and speaker groups. Once powered on, the connectivity indicator should show solid white, if your device is set up and connected to a network.

*The TV and MUSIC buttons can be personalised the same way as the MyButtons and you will still be able to select sources from the lists brought up in the remote control display. 

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    Save and use a snapshot

    • Press and hold one of the MyButtons, the TV or MUSIC button to save the current viewing or playback experience
    • A menu appears on the screen for you to select specific settings to include in the snapshot.

      Note: If you save a snapshot with a button where a snapshot has already been saved, the existing snapshot will be replaced by the new snapshot.
  2. mceclip2.png

    To use a snapshot

    • Press the button dedicated (marked in red) for the desired snapshot.

      Note: If the item saved as a snapshot is no longer available, the snapshot will still be restored, but the item played will follow normal source behaviour for the selected source. 

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