How do I enable and use Multiroom in the Bang & Olufsen app?

You only need to follow a few steps to enable the Beolink Multiroom feature: 

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      Activate Multiroom

      • Add your product to the Bang & Olufsen app. Click here for more details.
      • Once your product has been added, tap on the settings icon at the upper-right corner of the screen. 
      • Tap on the Beolink option
      • Toggle 'Enable BeoLink' to the ON position to enable the Multiroom feature.

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      Access music controls

      • In order to use the Multiroom functions, playback needs to be active.
      • Start playback by going to the Music or Radio tab at the bottom of the screen and selecting a track or radio station. 
      • Feel free to click here for more details on how to access your Deezer or Tune-In account.
      • The circle control the volume, while the arrows switch between tracks or stations.
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      Access Multiroom section

      • Tap the two linked chains next to the product name at the bottom of the screen.
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      Creating a Multiroom group

      • Tap the "+" icon next to a product in the list to expand playback to this product.
      • Tapping the volume icon next to a product lets you set the volume level for each individual product. 
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      Multiroom enabled

      • When going back to the 'Now playing' screen, you will see that there is now a chain link symbol on top of the product name, signifying that it is linked to other products in a Beolink Multiroom group.

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