How do I submit log files from the Bang & Olufsen app?

You can create log files containing details about the performance of your product using the Bang & Olufsen app as follows: 

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      Access the settings menu

      • If your product has not been added to the Bang & Olufsen app, please learn how to do so here.
      • From the front page of the app, tap the settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
      • Tap 'Products'
      • Select the product you wish to create log files for.

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      Submit logfiles

      • Tap 'Configure'.
      • Select 'About'.
      • Tap 'Diagnostics and usage'.
      • Select 'Submit logfiles'.
      • Tap on the 'Submit' button so our support team can receive the details and investigate the experienced issue.

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