Beoplay A9 1st Gen first-time setup


Use the Bang & Olufsen app to configure and connect your Beoplay A9 1st Gen to your network. 

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    Mount the Beoplay A9 1st Gen legs

    • Screw the 3 legs in, they are labelled A and B to how where they should be placed (A is the middle one).
    • Make sure that the legs are screwed in tight, afterwards you can place the speaker in the upright position.
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    Connect Beoplay A9 1st Gen to the mains supply

    • Wait for 1-2 minutes while the connectivity indicator is flashing white.
    • After the connectivity indicator changes to orange and a sound prompt is heard, the product is booted up and ready to be set up.
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    Download the Bang & Olufsen app

    • You can download the Bang & Olufsen app here


    • Open the Bang & Olufsen App and select the Beoplay A9 1st Gen in the list of available devices.
    • Follow the instructions provided to complete the setup process.


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