Beoplay A9 1st Gen first-time setup using a PC/MAC

Remember that Beoplay A9 1st Gen can only be set up in a 2.4 GHz (b/g) network and follow the instructions below to connect to it using a PC or Mac:

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    Connect your laptop to the speaker

    • In the wireless networks menu, find your Beoplay A9 network and connect to it.
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    Open your web browser

    • Using your favourite web browser enter the address in the address bar.
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    See the available networks

    • Find the main menu located to your left-hand-side.
    • Select the option 'Network'
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    Connect to your preferred network

    • Select your favourite network.
    • Provide the username and password for it.
    • Click on 'Apply changes'
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    Your setup is ready

    • You Beoplay A9 1st Gen will display a green light while connecting to your network.
    • A sound prompt is heard when the connection is successful.
    • The Beoplay A9 1st Gen is ready to use. 

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