How do I playback sources on my Beoplay A9 2nd Gen?

You can select a source on your hand-held device, with your Bang & Olufsen App, or start playback of an active source with a single tap on the top of BeoPlay A9 2nd Gen (touch bar) or you can use the BeoSound Essence Remote control. When you switch on a new source, the current source stops and playback of the new source starts.

If playback of a source is started with a single tap on top of BeoPlay A9 2nd Gen, playback of the last played source starts if it is still active. If no source is active, Internet radio is selected as a source. Depending on your source, a short press on the top of BeoPlay A9 2nd Gen starts playback or unmutes and a long press pauses or mutes. When you switch on a source, it may take a couple of seconds before the sound is heard in the Beoplay A9 2nd Gen speaker.

Note that some sources such as AirPlay® must be activated on the streaming device first. Sources connected to the LINE IN socket on BeoPlay A9 2nd Gen must be started/stopped on the connected device and when a source connected to LINE IN is stopped, playback can only be restarted after a 10 seconds pause. Also, some functions must be performed on the device.

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