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Operation for the Beovision Eclipse is described with the BeoRemote One below.

Pair your BeoRemote One

Note that to operate your television, it must first be paired with the BeoRemote One.  Press the PAIRING button placed on the back of the television or pair through the Service menu found when you select Settings in the Home menu and select Sound & BeoLink.... Remember to set your remote control in pairing mode before pairing.

  1. Connect the television to the mains.
  2. Put in fresh batteries in your remote control and place yourself in front of the product.
  3. After the timeout of a welcome screen in the display, use mceclip9.png or mceclip11.png and the centre button to set the preferred language.
  4. If the product is opened for pairing, pairing takes place.

Pair via the menu...

  1. Press mceclip5.png to bring up the Home menu.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to select Settings and press the centre button.
  3. Press mceclip8.png or mceclip11.png to select Sound & BeoLink...  and press the centre button.
  4. Press mceclip8.png or mceclip11.png to  select Service and press the mceclip12.png button.
  5. Press mceclip8.png or mceclip11.png to select Remote control pairing and press the centre button.

Follow on-screen instructions to pair your remote control.

Both the television and the remote control must be in pairing mode to be able to pair the two products.

When you receive BeoRemote One together with your television, you set it in pairing mode during first time setup of the remote control. If your BeoRemote One for some reason is no longer paired to the television and you need to pair it again, or if you cannot find it and you need to pair another BeoRemote One, you must set both television and remote control in pairing mode to pair it to the television. 

For more about pairing, see the article Pairing, network status and factory reset .

Use your remote control

See how to use your remote control. Some instructions for this television may be descriptions of LG guidance. You also find an explanation of which Bang & Olufsen buttons to use instead of selected LG buttons. 

mceclip4.png mceclip3.png
  • Display
    The display shows you a list of sources or functions when it is switched on. 
  • mceclip3.png
    AMAZON source.
  • mceclip4.png
    NETFLIX source.
  • TV
    Display available television sources in the display for you to switch on. Use mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to step in the list*.
    Display available music sources in the display for you to switch on. Use mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to step in the list*.
  • mceclip30.pngmceclip31.pngmceclip32.png and mceclip33.png (MyButtons)**
    Long press to save the current setup, such as sound settings and stand positions, short press to activate it. 
  • 0–9
    Select channels and enter information in on-screen menus.
  • LIST
    Display extra functions in the display. Use mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to step in the list.
    Bring up the TV Programme Guide.
  • mceclip26.png (Back button)
    Leave or move backwards through TV menus and the BeoRemote One lists.
  • INFO
    Bring up information on a menu or function.
  • mceclip5.png (Home button)
    Bring up the Home menu, from where you can access different apps and functions, among other Settings, a TV app and MUSIC app.
  • mceclip19.pngmceclip13.pngmceclip10.png and mceclip11.png
    Arrow buttons left, right, up and down. Move in menus and in the BeoRemote One display.
  • mceclip14.png (Centre button)
    For selecting and activating, for example, settings.
  • mceclip15.pngmceclip16.pngmceclip17.png and mceclip18.png (Colour buttons)
    Select colour specific functions.
  • mceclip25.png
    Start playback of a track, file or recording or start replay.
  • mceclip20.png and mceclip21.png
    Search backwards or forwards step by step.
  • mceclip23.png and mceclip24.png
    Step through channels and stations.
  • mceclip22.png
    Pause playback of a programme or recording.
  • mceclip34.png and mceclip35.png
    Adjust volume. To mute, press the middle of the button.
  • mceclip27.png (Standby button)
    Switch to standby. 
  • *Some sources in the display can be reconfigured during the setup process. For more information, see the article 'Set up connected products '. 
  • **Depending on your remote control mceclip30.pngmceclip31.pngmceclip32.png and mceclip33.png (MyButtons) may be either one button or four.
  • For general information about remote control operation, see the guide for your remote control here.
  • Some countries and CA Modules require activation of Digital Text/MHEG. Consequently, some differences apply for BeoRemote One. For more information, see the article  'Digital TELETEX'.

BeoRemote One buttons for LG instructions

  • Use buttons on your Bang & Olufsen remote control for instructions used in the LG guidance described. Y ou should use the arrow buttons and the centre button to navigate on the television screen. 
  • Search button
    Press mceclip5.png and use the arrow button then the centre button to find the Search field.
  • HOME button
    Press mceclip5.png.
  • Right, Left, Up and Down buttons
    Press mceclip13.png, mceclip19.png, mceclip10.png and mceclip11.png.
  • (OK) button
    Press the centre button.
  • P Up and P Down buttons
    Press mceclip23.png and mceclip24.png.
  • TEXT
    Press LIST then mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to find Text in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.
  • T.OPT (Text options)
    Press LIST then mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to find T.Opt in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.
  • REC
    Press LIST then mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to find Record in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.
    Press LIST then mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to find Search in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.
    Press LIST then mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to find Live Zoom in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.
    Press LIST then mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to find Recent in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.
    Press LIST then mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to find Subtitles in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.
  • AD
    Press LIST then mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to find Audio Description in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.

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