Set up your television

We recommend the television to be set up by qualified service personnel. The television has several placement options. Guidelines for placement and connection must be followed.

To ensure proper ventilation, allow enough space around the screen. 

WARNING! Do not lift or otherwise move your television physically when it is mounted on the floor stand. It could cause the TV screen to break. Contact your retailer.



The television has different placement options.



Refer to for available stands and wall brackets or contact your Bang & Olufsen retailer.  


The television is not designed to stand on its own. To prevent injury, use Bang & Olufsen approved brackets or stands only! 


Stands and wall brackets



Set the maximum angle the television will turn on the motorised floor stand or wall bracket. Remember to leave enough space around the television to allow it to turn freely. For more information, see the article Stand settings.



If the television is to be moved when mounted on the floor stand, it must be moved by qualified personnel. Also, it is important that the stand is set in transport mode. When placed in a new position, the stand must be calibrated again. Bring up Settings from the Home menu, then Sound & BeoLink... and Stand to set it up again.



Locate the connection panel and other important items:

  1. Covers for connection panels.
  2. Interface for mounting on a floor stand.
  3. Interface to mount on a wall bracket.

Depending on your setup, different stand or wall bracket covers may be used.


Fasten the speaker cover

When the television is placed on a wall bracket or stand, you can attach the speaker cover. Hold the speaker cover with both hands and place the pins into the holes. Then carefully push the cover in its place.


During cleaning it is recommended to remove the speaker cover. Avoid spraying liquid directly on the screen as this may damage the speakers, use a soft cloth instead. Carefully remove the speaker cover by supporting it in the side and at the bottom.

Also, note that cloth covers of bright colours may be discoloured over time.

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