Music and video services

Access services such as Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn, if you have the required subscriptions, and search through and stream for every occasion.

Access YouTube to watch a variety of different video content, such as movie and TV clips, music videos, short videos and other content uploaded by users.

To use music or video services, your television must be connected to the Internet. For more information about network, see the article Network settings.

Not all services are available in all markets.

Bring up a video or music service

Bring up and activate a service to watch or listen to the video or music of your choice. The services are available via your remote control or via apps in the Home menu.

  1. Press mceclip5.png and use the arrow buttons to highlight a service available as an app, then press the centre button, or...
  2. TV or MUSIC to bring up sources in the BeoRemote One display and mceclip8.png or mceclip11.png to highlight the source name dedicated to the service you want to activate then press the centre button.*
  3. If necessary, enter user name and password for the relevant account.

*For NETFLIX & AMAZON you have to press directly their corresponding button to activate them.

The Spotify Software is subject to third party licenses found here:

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