General settings


In the General menu, you can make various settings, for example, for language, time and date, eco mode, timers and your LG account.

  1. Press mceclip5.png to bring up the Home menu.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to select Settings and press the centre button.
  3. Press mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to select  Picture & Programmes...  and press the centre button.
  4. Press mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to select General and press the mceclip13.png button.
  5. Press mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to select a menu item and press the centre button.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions.

Set the language

For information about language, LG describes:

You can choose the menu language displayed on the screen and the audio language of the digital broadcast.

Menu Language
You can select one of the menu languages to be displayed on the screen.

Primary Audio Language / Secondary Audio Language*
You can choose the language you want when watching a digital broadcasting programme, which includes multiple audio languages.
For programmes that do not support multiple languages, the default will be used.

  • Applies to Digital broadcasting.

Voice Recognition Language
Select the language for voice search.

  • This feature is available on certain models only.

Keyboard Languages
Select the language to use the on-screen keyboard.

To set Teletext Language

Sets Teletext language.** 

  • In Digital Mode Only

*This feature is available for some markets only. On some of the markets, the feature is called Audio Language.

**This feature is available for some markets only.

For more information about Teletext language, see the article TELETEX.

Set the location

For information about location, LG describes:

You can change the location setting of your Smart TV.

Address Setting*
You can set the Region and City of your TV.

Broadcast Country*
You can set the broadcast country on your TV.

Service Area Postcode*
This function is used to set the broadcast location of the TV by entering your postcode.

LG Services Country
If you don't set the Set Automatically, you can select the country manually.

  • You must set the country manually when you are not connected to the network.
  • The configurable items differ depending on country.

*The feature is available on some markets only. On some of the markets, Address Setting is called City or City Selection and Service Area Postcode is called Service Area Zip Code.

If you move to a different location, remember to set up the location again.

Set the time and date

For information about time and date, LG describes:

You can check or change the time while watching the TV.

Set Automatically
Automatically sets the time displayed on the TV screen to the time of the digital broadcast sent by the broadcasting company.

Time / Date / Time Zone*
You can manually set the time and date if the automatically set current time is incorrect.

Custom Time Zone**
When you select the Custom in Time Zone, Custom Time Zone menu is activated.

*On some markets, you can set the time manually if no antenna is connected. If you set the time manually with an antenna connected, note that schedule information, programme guide, etc. may not function correctly.

**This feature is available on some markets only.

Set a timer

You can set different types of timers. Find the menus Sleep Timer, Timer Power On / Timer Power Off and 2 Hours Auto Power Off in the Timers menu. For information about timers, LG describes:

Setting Sleep Timer

Sets the TV to turn off at a specified time. 

If you want to disable Sleep Timer, select Off.

Automatically Turning the TV On or Off

You can set the Power On/Off time for the TV. 

Select Off if you are not going to set Timer Power On/Off.

  • To use Timer Power On/Timer Power Off, set the time correctly.
  • Cautions when the Timer Repeat option of Timer Power On is set to None:
    If the time set for Timer Power On is reached while watching TV, the TV automatically turns on when the set time is reached the next day or later (while the TV is turned off).
  • Cautions when the Timer Repeat option of Timer Power Off is set to None:
    If the time set for Timer Power Off is reached while the TV is in standby mode, the TV automatically turns off when the set time is reached the next day or later (while watching TV).

Using My Starter*

If you set My Starter on your TV or LG TV Plus App in mobile device, you can receive personalized information, such as the weather and schedules, through your TV.
Set Set My Starter to On.

  • The configurable items differ depending on country.
  • You can view weather information only when you are connected to a network.

To prevent the TV from being automatically turned off

If you do not press a button for 120 minutes after the TV is turned on by a feature like Timer Power On, the TV will turn off automatically. 

To ensure the TV does not automatically turn off, set 2 Hours Auto Power Off to Off.

  • This feature is available in certain countries only.

*The Set My Starter menu is found in the Timer Power On the menu.

Watching Internet Channels

You can watch real-time broadcasts through this service over the Internet.
You can see information on new Internet Channels or manage the channels you like on CHANNEL PLUS.

This feature is available in some markets only. For more information, see the article Internet channels.

Additional general settings

For information about other general settings, LG describes:

TV Power Settings

This setting puts your TV in standby mode when it's turned off so it will help using TV's functions quicker when you turn the TV back on.
Set Quick Start+ to On.

  • This feature is available on certain models only.
  • Turning this option on may increase energy consumption.

 Using ECO Mode*

Set power options to reduce energy consumption.

Auto Power Off**
Set the TV to turn off automatically when there has been no user input for a specified amount of time.

HDD Eco Mode*
If you set the mode to On, the USB HDD connected to the TV will go into power-saving mode when it has been left unattended for an extended period of time. 

  • The configurable items differ depending on model. 

*On some markets, Eco Mode and HDD Eco Mode are called Power Saving Mode and HDD Power Saving Mode instead.

**This feature is only available for some markets. On some of the markets, the feature is called No Operation Auto-Off. These markets also have the feature No Signal Auto-Off where you can set the TV to turn off automatically when there has been no video signal from the external input for a specified amount of time.

Advertising Cookies

If your TV is connected to the Internet, webOS may use a frequency capping cookie to keep track of the number of times an ad is shown on your TV.
This information is used to help limit the number of times the same ad is displayed. You can clear this cookie or turn it on or off at any time by going to the Advertising Cookies setting on your TV.
No personally identifiable information is tied to this cookie.

  • This feature is available in certain countries only.

Using Mobile TV On

If Turn on via Wi-Fi or Turn on via Bluetooth is set to On, you can turn on your TV using an application that supports Mobile TV On or see the screen of the application on your TV.

  • The Turn on via Wi-Fi feature must be used in an app on a smart device that supports the feature.
  • The Turn on via Bluetooth feature can only be used with certain LG Electronics smartphones.
  • The TV should be connected to a network.
  • The TV must be plugged in.
  • The TV and the device to be used should be connected to the same network.
  • To connect for the first time, make sure the device to be used is ready to connect.
  • This function is available on certain models or in certain countries only.

To use Settings Help

If you select the setting menus, you will see the hints of the settings. Turn on/off description box in Settings.


Restoring the Default Settings

Return TV to its initial settings. This will revert all settings to their default values.

After reset, the TV will automatically turn off and on.

  • If Safety is set to On, you should type the password to Reset to Initial Settings.
  • Do not turn off the power during initialization.
  • We recommend that you reset the TV to Reset to Initial Settings before you sell it or transfer it to a third party.

About This TV

You can check the information about Customer Services. (Software Update, TV Information, User Agreements and so on.)


If the device connected to Input Port also supports ULTRA HD Deep Colour, your picture may be clearer.
However, if the device doesn’t support it, it may not work properly.
In that case, change the TV’s ULTRA HD Deep Colour setting to Off.

Supported Display Resolution

  • On : Supports 4K@60 Hz (4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0).
  • Off : Supports 4K@60 Hz (4:2:0)

4K @ 50/60 Hz Support Format


Frame rate (Hz)

Colour Depth/Chroma Sampling

8 bit

10 bit

12 bit

3840 × 2160p
4096 × 2160p


YCbCr 4:2:0

YCbCr 4:2:0 1)

YCbCr 4:2:2 1)

YCbCr 4:4:4 1)



RGB 4:4:4 1)



1) Supported when HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour is set to On.

  • You can only change the settings of the HDMI A-D & HDMI IN you are watching at the time.
  • You can specify a different setting for each HDMI port.*

*You can find HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour setting if you press mceclip5.png, select  Settings, then Sound & BeoLink..., Sources and select one of the HDMI A-D .

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