The Soundcenter connection well allows you to connect signal input cables as well as a variety of extra products, such as a set-top box or a digital media player. 

Products you connect to these sockets can be registered in the Sources menu. For more information, see the article Set up connected products.

Depending on the type of product you connect to the Beovision Harmony, different cables and maybe also adaptors are needed. Cables and adaptors are available from your Bang & Olufsen retailer.


Use Bang & Olufsen speakers. Cables are available from your Bang & Olufsen retailer.

You can connect up to eight speakers wirelessly. For more information, see the article Sound settings.

To obtain the best possible wireless connection, it is recommended to place all wireless speakers within a range of approximately 9 metres (29.5 ft) from the television.

Do not place any obstacles in front of the Beovision Harmony or wireless speakers as this may interfere with the wireless connection. The wireless speakers should be placed in one room and be visible from the television. See the guidance for your speaker for information about whether or not your speaker can be connected wirelessly.

Products with HDMI™ output

Products with HDMI output such as a set-top box can be connected to any available HDMI IN socket in the television. For more information about how to set up connected products, see the article Set up connected products.

A configured source can be selected on the Beoremote One.

Connected products can be operated with its own remote control or you may download a Peripheral Unit Controller (PUC) table, if available, to use the Bang & Olufsen remote control. For more information, see the article Service and software update.

­­Connection panels 

Products you connect permanently to the connection panel can be registered in the Sources menu by pressing the centre button for each source. For more information, see the article  Set up connected products.

We recommend that you connect the television to the Internet to use Smart TV functions, receive software updates and to download Peripheral Unit Controller (PUC) tables. PUC tables enable you to operate connected non-Bang & Olufsen products with your Bang & Olufsen remote control.

Connect the mains socket ( ͠  ) on the connection panel of your television to the wall outlet.

The supplied plug and mains cord are specially designed for the product. Do not change the plug, and if the mains cord is damaged, you must buy a new one from your Bang & Olufsen retailer.  

( ͠  ) Mains supply (Soundcenter)
Connection to the mains supply. 


    For connection of a motorised stand. 
  • PUC 1-3 (A+B)
    For IR control signals to external products connected to an HDMI IN socket. Allows you to control non-Bang & Olufsen products with your Bang & Olufsen remote control.
  • MIC
    For connection of a calibration microphone only, to be able to calibrate connected speakers automatically.
  • PL 1-4 (Power Link)
    For connection of external speakers in a surround sound setup. For more information, see the article Connect products.
    Left and right line input/optical input.
  • mceclip2.png (Ethernet)
    For connection to the Internet. For access to the Internet, Smart TV, software updates and PUC downloads.
  • Make sure the cable connection between the product and the router does not exit the building to avoid contact with high voltage.
  • It is strongly recommended that you set your television to update system software automatically, see the article Service and software update.
    This connection powers the movement of the speakers.
    The High Definition Multimedia Interface allows you to connect many different sources, such as set-top boxes, multimedia players, Blu-ray players, or a PC. To operate non-Bang & Olufsen products with your Bang & Olufsen remote control and for optimum sound quality, it is recommended to connect products to the HDMI sockets on the Soundcenter.

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