Pairing, network status and factory reset


On the back of the television, you find a button for pairing and for factory reset.


When you press and hold the PAIRING button 1.5 seconds, placed at the bottom of the television, you open the television for pairing with remote control. To cancel pairing mode, press the button again.

THE FACTORY RESET button is for service use. Only the SoundCenter will be reset to factory settings.

The NETWORK STATUS indicator light beneath the FACTORY RESET button gives you a status of pairing and the network connection:

White (solid)

Connected to a network.

White (flashing)

The television has been disconnected from the mains supply, reconnected and is now starting. 

Orange (solid)

Connected to a wireless network, the signal strength is low.

Orange (flashing)

Connecting to a wireless network.

Red (solid shortly)

The pairing did not succeed. Try again, and if the problem persists, contact your retailer.

Red (flashing slowly)

Software is being updated.


Blue (solid)

The wireless network has not been set up, and there is no wired network connection.

Blue (solid shortly)

Pairing succeeded.

Blue (flashing)

The television is open for pairing.

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