Pause and play back a programme


This feature only applies to some markets.

With a USB hard drive connected to your television, you can pause, resume and repeat a programme in progress. The television continues saving during timeshift, so you are sure to see the entire programme.

  1. Insert a USB HDD on your television.
  2. Select the START LIVE PLAYBACK button in the left corner of the screen.*
  3. While watching a live signal, use mceclip19.png and mceclip13.png to select a previous point on the progress bar.

*On some markets, you must select the screen display function in the top of the screen, and select the LIVE PLAYBACK On icon in the bottom right corner of the Live Playback control display. Here, you can set Live Playback to On.

For more information about live playback, LG describes:

  • Select a device to be used with Live Playback when two or more USB HDDs are connected to the TV.
  • You cannot use a USB flash drive. Connect a USB HDD with 80 GB or more of total storage.
  • If there is not enough remaining space in the USB HDD device, Live Playback may not work properly. To use Live Playback function, you need the USB HDD which has at least 2.3 GB.
  • It can be used in analogue or digital broadcasting. However, you cannot use this option while listening to a radio programme. (This feature is available on certain models only.)
  • Programmes connected to the HDMI IN are not supported by Live Playback.
  • With the Live Playback function, you can play a programme back for up to two hours depending on remaining USB HDD capacity. This time may vary depending on your region.
  • The videos saved in Live Playback mode are deleted if you turn off the TV without recording them.*
  • For some ULTRA HD models, if the Live Playback function is in use for an analogue programme, you cannot select the buffering section of the programmes broadcast in ULTRA HD. (The programme will be switched to the current programme being broadcast when you try to select the section.)

For some markets, also the following applies:

  • Programs stored as Live Playback are stored temporarily and do not appear on the Recordings list. To make non-temporary recording of a video, select the Start Recording on the Live Playback control display or use the scheduled recording function in the program guide.
  • The video recorded in Live Playback is stored from the moment when the Start Recording is selected. While rewinding and watching the broadcast again in Live Playback, select the Start Recording to record the previously broadcasted content.
  • The content retained in Live Playback is deleted when you watch the recording, play the content in Recordings, or power the TV off.*
  • Rewinding and watching again while recording is supported only when you are watching a recorded channel. The content cannot be rewound and watched again when you are watching channels other than recorded channels.

*Note that on some markets, if you select SAVE in the pop-up that appears when Live Playback starts, a maximum of two hours of content will be saved even when the TV is turned off and back on. When the TV is turned off and back on, the saved content resumes playing. (Live Playback duration must be more than 90 seconds after setting Live Playback).

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