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You can bring up teletext if you press LIST mceclip8.png and mceclip11.png to find Text in the BeoRemote One display and press the centre button.

If Digital Text is enabled and an MHEG application is available for the current channel, the Text button in LIST may have alternative functions communicated on-screen.

For information about how to use TELETEXT, LG describes:

Teletext is a free service provided by the TV station that offers text-based information about TV programmes, news and weather. The teletext decoder of this TV can support the SIMPLE, TOP and FASTEXT systems.

You can view TV broadcasts and TELETEXT at the same time by pressing the TEXT button of your remote control on the TELETEXT window.*

Colour button : To select the preceding or following page.
Number button : Enters the page number to move to.
P Up / Down Button : To select the preceding or following page.

This feature is available in certain countries only.

Special Teletext Function

  1. Press the T.OPT button on the remote control.*
  2. Select the TELETEXT menu.

Index : Select each index page.

Time : When viewing a TV programme, select this menu to display the time at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Hold : Stops the automatic page change which will occur if a teletext page consists of 2 or more sub pages.

Reveal : Select this menu to display concealed information, such as solutions to riddles or puzzles.

Update : Displays the TV picture on the screen while waiting for a new teletext page.

Language : Sets Teletext language.

  • In Digital Mode Only

To set Teletext Language

Use the Teletext language function when two or more Teletext languages are broadcast.**

  1. Press the HOME button on the remote control and select Setting icon at the top right.
  2. Select All Settings icon General Language Primary Teletext Language/Secondary Teletext Language.
  • In Digital Mode Only
  • If Teletext data in a selected language is not broadcast, the default language will be displayed.
  • If you select the wrong local country, teletext may not appear correctly on the screen and some problems may occur during teletext operation.

* Note that the Text button is found in the BeoRemote One list when pressing LIST. The T.Opt button is called TEXT OPTIONS and is also found in LIST.

** To set up preferred languages, press mceclip5.png and select Settings followed by Picture Programmes..., General, Language and Primary Teletext Language or Secondary Teletext Language.

If you can use both Digital Teletext and Teletext, you set up which function to use in the Data Service menu. For more information, see the article Data service .

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