Accessibility settings

In the Accessibility menu, you can make settings, for example, for menu transparency, subtitles and visually and hearing impaired.

  1. Press mceclip5.png to bring up the Home menu.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to select Settings and press the centre button.
  3. Press mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to select  Picture & Programmes...  and press the centre button.
  4. Press mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to select Accessibility and press the mceclip13.png button.
  5. Press mceclip10.png or mceclip11.png to select a menu item and press the centre button.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions.

For more information about accessibility settings, LG describes:

Setting up Menu Transparency

By setting this feature to On, you can make some of the menus (e.g. Live Menu, Search, screen remote, etc.) transparent.

To set Subtitle

View subtitles when the TV station provides subtitled programing.

This feature is available in certain countries only.

Applies to Digital broadcasting.*

 *On some markets the feature also applies to external input.

Menu for the Visually Impaired

Turn on/off text-to-speech conversion of on-screen information for visually impaired viewers.
You can use this function if the broadcasting company supports Audio Description for the visually impaired.*

This feature is available in certain countries only.

*On some markets the available feature is called Video Description.

To set Hard of Hearing

This function is used for the hearing impaired.
If it is set to on, the subtitle is displayed by default.

This feature is available in certain countries only.

To use Audio Guidance

If Audio Guidance is set to On, audio guides will be provided in various situations, such as when you change programmes, adjust the volume or change settings and input signals.

Adjust the speed of spoken guide.

Adjust the volume of spoken guide.

Adjust the tone of spoken guide.

  • This feature is available on certain languages only.
  • This feature is available in certain countries only.
  • The configurable items differ depending on country.
  • For visually impaired users.

Additional Audio function

Audio commentary or subtitles are provided for those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired.

Selects default Audio.

Audio Description
For the visually impaired. Selects the preferred default Audio combined with Visual Impaired Audio.

Clean Audio
For the hearing-impaired. Selects the preferred Clean Effect and Hearing Impaired Audio.

Spoken Subtitle
For the visually impaired. Selects the preferred Visual Impaired Audio only.

This feature is available in certain countries only.

Changing the Menu to High-Contrast Screen

When this feature is set to On, it adjusts the background of some of the menus on the screen and font colours to highlight the contrast between the light and dark areas.

The effect will disappear temporarily when you configure the Picture Mode or Aspect Ratio settings.

TV Power Sound

This feature lets you turn on/off the sound effects that you hear when your TV is switched on or off.

  • This feature is available in certain countries only.
  • Setting the Audio Guidance to On automatically switches the TV Power Sound to On as well.

Set Closed Caption

On some markets, you can view closed captions when the TV station provides captioned programming. On some of these markets program, closed captions only work for digital/analogue broadcasts or external input. The available settings for closed captions may vary depending on your market.

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