What do the indicator lights on my Beosound A1 2nd Generation mean?

The light indicators on the Beosound A1 2nd Generation can be read as follows:

Product indicator (on the top)
White (solid) Switched on
Blue (flashing) Bluetooth pairing mode (ready to pair with a device)
Blue (solid) (with sound prompt)  Paired successfully
White (flashing) True Wireless Stereo setup mode
White (solid) Successfully paired True Wireless Stereo
Green (flashing) Incoming call
Green (solid) In speakerphone/conference call
Red (solid) (when in a call) Microphone is muted
Cyan (solid) Voice assistant is ready to listen
Cyan (flashing) Voice Assistant is thinking/responding


Battery indicator (on the lower side)
Green (solid) Battery fully charged
Orange (flashing) Battery charging
Orange (solid) (for 5 minutes)  Battery moderately low (under 40% charge remaining)
Red (solid) Battery low (under 20% charge remaining)
Red (flashing) Battery critically low (under 10% charge remaining)

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