What does the light indicator on my Beolab 17 mean?


Colour Meaning mceclip0.png
Red (solid) The indicator is solid red for some seconds when the speaker is connected to the mains, switches off, or when it restarts after it has been reset.
Green (solid) The indicator is solid green for some seconds when the speaker switches on.
Green (flashing) A software update is in progress, during which the speaker cannot play.
Do not disconnect from the mains.
Green (flashing quickly) If you have a wireless Power Link transmitter in your setup, the speaker is in associate mode and ready to be connected to the wireless Power Link transmitter.
Orange (flashing slowly) The product is overheated and will shut down temporarily.
Orange (flashing quickly) An error has occurred. Disconnect the speaker from the mains and reconnect it or reset the network connection if you have a wireless Power Link transmitter. If the problem persists, contact your Bang & Olufsen retailer.

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