How do I get voice commands to work with supported music services in Amazon Alexa on my Beosound A1 2nd Generation?


In order to get Alexa voice commands working with Spotify, Amazon Music, or any other supported music service, go to the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device. Go to settings and select the ‘Music & Podcast’ tab. If not already added, press ‘Link new services’ and select your desired music service, e.g. Spotify. After adding the music service, go to ‘Default services’ and select the same music service for all three available tabs (‘Music’, ‘Artist And Genre Stations’, ‘Podcast’).
When using voice commands for music, Alexa will now respond to commands related to your newly selected music service, such as skipping tracks, adjusting volume, or playing a specific music genre, etc.

Note: Alexa is currently unable to link to Spotify on iOS devices.

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