How do I set up my Beolit 12 using a computer?

Before you start connecting to a wireless network, find the name and password for the wireless network you wish to connect to. During setup, your Beolit 12 must be connected to the mains supply.

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      Switch on your Beolit 12

      • Press the On/Off button and wait until it becomes solid white.
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      Enable Wi-Fi connectivity 

      • Press the network button and wait approx. 45 seconds, until you hear sound feedback.
      • Press the network button again this time for more than 3 seconds, until you hear sound feedback. Then wait for the network button to flash green (takes approx. 1 minute).
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      Provide your Wi-Fi credentials

      • Go to Wi-Fi networks on your computer and select Beolit 12.
      • Open your browser. Type in the address bar and press Enter. This will open the Beolit 12 Setup page. If the page is not displayed, wait a while and refresh the page Image.
      • Choose your network from the drop-down list. If your network is not shown in the list, refresh the pageImage.
      • Enter your password if required. Click Apply changes.

Note: Your Beolit 12 will restart. The network button flashes, and you will hear sound feedback. When the network button becomes solid white, Beolit 12 is connected to your network (it takes up to 2 minutes to set up). 

You may not be able to use your workplace computer for the setup of your Beolit 12 due to security restrictions, including firewall settings and assignment of IP addresses.

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