Software updates


V2.2 - upcoming release

The next release will be focusing on quality, especially for music lovers with DLNA collections. If you want to be part of beta testing our next version, send a mail to to learn how.


V2.1 - next release (week 21)

In this version, we focus on quality and fixing side-effects of the major 2.0 rewrite, especially with regards to how BeoSound Moment works in the ecosystem, such as when sharing speakers with a BeoVision TV, as well as many smaller improvements.

  • Fixed issue so when sharing speakers with a problem, the display now shows correct metadata if activated, but does not turn on by itself, or stay on, when a TV source is playing.
  • Fixed issue where resting your finger on the volume wheel would put the product into standby.
  • Fixed errors when scrolling to the end of a DLNA or TuneIn radio folder.
  • Fixed issues in showing Greek text, and made it possible to select the Greek keyboard.
  • Fixed play queue deletion issue. Now, if the display is turned on, starting music using the aluminium wheel continues the play queue, rather than triggering Pattern Play.
  • Fixed errors where an extra tap was needed before you could scroll.
  • Fixed 400 track limit on Loved Tracks playlist error.
  • Improved DLNA harvesting, fixing several issues causing harvesting to be unreliable on some systems.
  • Improved scrolling to be smoother.
  • Improved the ‘back’ swipe so you can you navigate back using your left thumb.
  • Improved “double-tap to play” functionality, so it now works on all tiles.
  • Improved notification area by reducing unnecessary duplications.
  • Restored version 1.x behaviour of automatically switch to Now Playing screen after 60 seconds of inactivity while music is playing.

V2.0 - current version on the market

In this major release, we brought the development back to Denmark and established the new BeoSound Moment team. Compared with v1.8, the 2.0 version introduced the following key changes:

  • Redesign of search functionality
  • Improved responsiveness of volume control
  • Improved battery time
  • Improved UI and feedback
  • Added DLNA collection search
  • Added Customisable DLNA server names
  • Added A-Z navigation bar to Collection screen
  • Added Artist album index screens to artists with more than one album
  • Added new notifications panel inside settings

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